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Rowdy Kind Orange You Awesome Hair & Everywhere Bar


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Bath time is a great time to brighten your kids’ day! Show them (and their skin) some extra love with Rowdy Kind's Orange You Awesome Hair & Everywhere Bar. Coloured naturally with mica, this sweet tangerine-scented bar makes everything just feel... sunnier.

What makes these bars suitable for kids’ skin?

Because kids’ skin is thinner and less oily than adult skin, Rowdy Kind created a bar that won’t disrupt the skin’s natural barriers.  Using the most gentle of cleansers, coupled with cocoa butter to moisturise skin.   In addition, it has ingredients that will maintain a neutral pH – about 6.  Water in the UK is 7-8, skin is 5.5-6.6.

What age is this bar suitable from?

This bar is suitable from 1+

Are the bars tear-free?

Well, they've done our best to get as close as possible.  There isn’t an agreed test for tear-free. Most products that are “tear free” make this claim based on the pH of their products being neutral (which these are).  Due to lower water content the foam drips down the face less, so its less likely to get in eyes.

Is there Palm Oil in these bars?

NO!  Rowdy Kind are super proud of this as it was super hard to do!  Every ingredient in their Hair & Everywhere bars is palm free!

Are the bars vegan and cruelty free?

YES!  Every ingredient in Rowdy Kind's Hair & Everywhere Bars is vegan 😊 .  All ingredients are sourced in the UK from UK suppliers and therefore there is no animal testing involved.