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Moonie Black Reusable Cotton Pads 7pk BLACK ANTI STAIN


We have run out of stock for this item.

Effortlessly removes make-up and impurities, these black pads are anti-stain. 

Simply pop in the wash to reuse again and again.

Handcrafted with blissfully soft, pure brushed cotton. 

These double-layered reusable pads are perfect to use alongside your favourite make-up remover, toner, or acid.

Available in Packs of 7 so you have one for each day of the week.


Handmade in Dorset

100% brushed cotton

8cm diameter

Overlocked edge to prevent fraying

7 Pack

Zero waste

Plastic free


Expect 10-15% shrinkage after the first wash due to fabric used.

100% brushed cotton.

Machine wash up to 30 degrees and allow to air dry. Alternatively, wash by hand with warm water and soap.