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Just Crisps Potato Crisps (Sea Salt) (100g)


Love crisps but hate crisp packets? We got you!     

You can buy these delicious salted potato crisps by the gram, packaging free. 

The only 100% British Crisps – made from Just Crisp's potatoes and cold-pressed British rapeseed oil, both grown on their farm in Staffordshire (All other crisps in supermarkets are made with imported sunflower oil)

Multi Great Taste Award Winning – amazing quality from a Great Taste Producer. Great for snacking, sharing, lunch boxes, or with a favourite tipple.

Ingredients: potatoes, cold-pressed rapeseed oil, sea salt.

Suitable for Vegans and Vegetarians. 

Delivered to us by SESI, these crisps are totally closed loop meaning no waste.