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Honest Toil Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil (100g)


We have run out of stock for this item.

Why Infused?

In order to adhere to EU olive oil guidelines and allow retailers to legally sell on tap this olive oil is infused with trace amounts of black pepper. It is an infusion in name only and the taste and smell are not affected.

This is supplied to us by SESI in a closed loop. This means that SESI collects empty drums and cleans them to be reused for future deliveries. 


If you’re buying in-store, bring your own container or choose one of ours to purchase.

If you’re buying online for click and collect or delivery, please don't forget to add a container to your basket (sadly liquids and glacé fruits don’t do too well in a paper bag!). Jars and bottles are available from £2 and can be found in the container section. Alternatively, drop us a message to arrange drop off of your own clean & empty container for re-use.