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Bare and Boho Reusable Toddler Training Pants

£10.00 £17.50

These training pants are designed to offer more protection and absorption than regular children’s underwear.

Their elasticated waist allows for the pull-up function of underwear, with the added bonus of side snaps to easily remove the underwear should heavy soiling occur (and without dragging mess down the legs).

They are designed as the next transitional item in a little one’s journey to toilet independence, so fall between a cloth nappy and a regular pair of pants.

Bare and Boho training pants feature a designer outer water-resistant fabric, with inner lining of organic cotton. They also include 3 super thirsty layers of organic cotton fleece in the groin panel from front of underwear to rear. The waist band and thigh bands are gentle yet thick, offering good suction around those areas. 

One Size: 6 to 12kg


Turn inside out and wash alongside your cloth nappies or regular household laundry 40-60 degrees. Dry outside in direct sunlight with organic cotton inner facing sunlight.