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Bare and Boho Reusable Cloth Nappy V3 Hemp


Reusable Cloth Nappies V3 Australiana and Coastal Print Collections 

Each nappy set comes with 1 Designer Outer Shell and 1 Eco-Friendly Nappy Insert.

This reusable cloth nappy system features:

The Bare and Boho reusable cloth nappy system features an outer water-resistant nappy shell uniquely designed with a wipeable inner lining. Offering you the ability to reuse your shell through numerous changing, which makes using these nappies on-the-go, so efficient!

The separate inner absorbency components -inserts, trifolds and boosters- are available in complimentary sizes and simply snap -in to your shell.

Bare and Boho cater to all shapes, sizes and purposes. This nappy range is One-Size: Suitable for weight ranges between 4kg - 18kg.

This nappy range includes: The “Eco Warrior” Hemp-Organic Cotton Blend Insert

Hemp is the more sustainably and organically grown fibre and creates a more natural and unprocessed fabric. It is also a durable fabric. Being without a synthetic blend, hemp has the tendency to dry stiff, and can be very textured. But once against the body, softens with baby’s body warmth.