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Bare and Boho Mini Wet Bag


Super convenient water-resistant storage bag for use with, cloth wipes, resuable sanitary wear, swimming gear or general-purpose travel!

Bare + Boho wet-bags are made with water-resistant PUL.

Handy wrist-strap for ease of travel or to hang over door, pram or nappy bag.

Zippered closure helps keep wetness and smells effectively contained.

Medium: 25 x 15cm

Washing: Simply wash with your nappies or regular household laundry. 30-60 degrees Max. No tumble-drying.

Bare + Boho: Beautiful reusables; mindful parenting, mindful of earth. Their designer Modern Cloth Nappies & Eco-Wares range includes a beautifully curated selection of reusable products, featuring high-end fabrics, organic materials and unique commissioned artworks.