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Bare and Boho (Heavy) Reusable Cloth Sanitary Pads


Bare and Boho Cloth pads are an extremely cost-effective product to use during your cycle, but also importantly, will keep damaging waste out of land fill; preventing thousands of disposable pads, tampons, and liners out of the rubbish bins or flushed into our seas.

These Cloth Pads are extremely lightweight, soft, durable and provide comfort; whilst offering ultra-absorbency.

They consist of a water-resistant anti-leak base layer of laminated polyester (PUL) with wings designed to snap fasten around the base of underwear for security. The wing snaps have 2 size options in width to cater to your desired fit.

The inner absorbent layers are made with varying numbers of thirsty layers, further topped with 100% Organic Cotton fleece.

The range has been designed to suit all needs and manage various levels of absorbency, including Light, Medium, Heavy and Ultra Heavy Flows:

Heavy Flow Pad (3x Layers of Absorbency) is suitable for daily use with heavy periods. Length 29cm.