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WGAC Premium Bamboo Toilet Paper x ONE ROLL


Smooth and strong, Who Gives A Crap's posh premium rolls are super cushy and sustainably made from 100% bamboo. Their softest loo roll ever— it’s like wiping with clouds. Double length rolls!

  • 6 different black & white patterns
  • Made with 100% forest friendly bamboo
  • 370 sheets per roll
  • No inks, dyes or scents
  • Luxurious 3-ply

About the brand: 

Who Gives a Crap (WGAC) do give a crap. They have donated 50% of profits to help build toilets because they believe access to a safe, dignified loo is a basic human right. Thanks to their customers, they have been able to donate over £4.5 million to help provide proper sanitation for the 2.3 billion people in need. Now that’s a lot of toilets!