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Seep Compostable Sponge with Loofah Scourer - pack of 4


We have run out of stock for this item.

Seep's original 100% plastic-free washing up cellulose sponge with loofah scourer.

Perfect for scrubbing dishes & wiping up spills.

Breaks down into harmless organic waste and does not release microplastics into the environment. Toxin-free and not harmful to humans or ecosystems.

- Individual sponge size: 7cm x 11cm x 2cm

- Compostable at home

- FSC certified packaging with natural inks and 100% recyclable

- Durable, each sponge lasts at least 1 month

- Materials are 100% renewable

- Designed, packed and sent from the UK, made in audited factories in China

- Carbon footprint more than offset (3.5x) through partnership with reforestation charity On A Mission.

Care & Aftercare:

- Best to dry out between uses to prevent mould

- Freshen up by washing in dishwasher or washing machine (30 or 40 degrees C)

- Once well used, cut up the sponge (this speeds up composting) and place in home compost bin

- If you don’t compost, you can pop these in your usual household waste